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Words With Friends Cheat

Words with Friends Cheat is the best word finder for the highest valued words to play in Words with Friends 1 & 2.
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Words with Friends Cheat is the best word finder for the highest valued words to play in Words with Friends 1 & 2.

Word Finder for Words with Friends

If you’re stuck in Words with Friends and you want to beat your friend with some awesome words, use this cheat! Enter your scrambled letters and get the best words to play.

Everybody knows that Words with Friends is based off the game Scrabble, except with it own rules. The 5 main differences between Words with Friends and the game Scrabble are:

  1. Points: The value of each letter is different in Words with friends. You can find all 104 words with friends letters here.
  2. The word list in Words with friends is modern, as where the Scrabble dictionary only allows the words found in a classic dictionary.
  3. Board layout: Words with friends has a different layout containing special squares, such as "Double letter" or "Triple word value".
  4. Only Words with Friends uses power-ups. These power-ups are Scramble, Freeze and Inspiration which can give the player a boost in the game. The Freeze power allows to "freeze" an opponent's turn. This way, you can play two times in a row. Scramble does as it says, giving you a new set to work with. The last power is inspiration. This power gives the player a potential word-list to make it easier for a player. Are advice is not to use this power-up, and use our WWF cheat.

Top tips for finding the best words

  • Use an asterisk * for blank tiles. You can also use the spare bar, dot or ?.

  • Press word length buttons to scroll directly to the word list with words of that length.

  • The most valued word is at the top, above all found words.

  • Use the extended wwf cheat to find words specific to your game board.

  • Read about questions we’ve received from other players

Possible words are ordered by value and words which yield the most points are shown first. The very best word to play is at the top, above all other words.

Words with Friends cheat also has an WWF cheat. This allows you to specify more options, like containing a word or letter. Or setting a fixed position for a letter. This will help you find words more specific to your current game.

The cheat works for both versions of Words with Friends.

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